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Solid Surface Material(available in many solid and textured colours). Solid Surface Material is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, pollution, acid rain or salt water. The Solid Surface Material comes in sheets 30" x 144" x ½" or 30" x 98" x ¼". Acrylic Inlay Graphics and text - colour matched using the Pantone Colour Chart(coated). The Acrylic Inlay is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, pollution, acid rain or salt water. Ideal for interpretive signs, plaques, donor recognition systems and directories.


Vandalized signs can be easily cleaned with 600 grit sandpaper to remove paint, grease or permanent marker. Minor scratches and dents can be removed using 320 grit sandpaper, then 600 grit sandpaper. After sanding the affected areas, wipe clean with a soft cloth, and a squirt of W.D. 40, Armoral Protectant or Windex.

Mounting of Acrylic Inlay Signs

We do not recommend bolting through the Acrylic Inlay Signs. The base material expands and contracts with outdoor temperature changes. We don't recommend using bolts through the material as they will crack the sign if the temperature contracts the material too much and if the bolts are too tight. If bolting is required, make sure the bolt hole drilled is larger than the bolt and use a rubber washer on the front and back of the hole before tightening.

Since manufacturing is based on how the sign will be mounted, we will recommend the best way of installing so as not to void the 10 year warranty. For large signs to be mounted on a wall, we supply a "plywood hanger" to mount on the wall or free standing structure. The top of the hanger has a lip. There is an opposite lip on the top, back, inside edge of the sign. Signs mounted on walls are usually 1" thick in order to hide the plywood hanger. This leaves a nice clean finish. If the sign is to be permanently mounted, GE Clear Silicone is placed on the back of the sign as well as the front of the plywood hanger for permanency.

General Price List

Solid Surface Material ½" thick Laser Engraving (text and graphics) Acrylic Inlay (each colour)

To roughly estimate the cost of a sign to be manufactured in solid surface material with a one colur inlay - LENGTH X WIDTH X 1.40 PER SQUARE INCH.

Halftone Pictures (Includes ½"or ¼" material, engraving and black inlay) @ 2.00 per square inch

Aluminum Mounting Plate ¼" thick (Permanently embedded in back of sign) @ 75.00 each

Bare Metal Mounting Post (30 degree angle on top, 1" x 2" Steel) @ 75.00 each

Painted (Black) Metal Mounting Post (30 degree
Angle on top, 1" x 2" Steel) @ 105.00 each


Traditional signs (painted wood) normally do not last beyond three years. They tend to fade, chip too frequently. learn more

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